{So Show Me You}

As it is wellness Wednesday and halfway through March (can you believe how much time has passed by already!?), I think it’s time for some introspection. To start us off, here is a poem I found by Margaret J. Wheatley entitled “Illusion.” “Too much of our action is really reaction. Such doing does not flow

{The Intelligence Myth}

Believe it or not, it’s not all about your IQ. We used to consider intelligence or natural talent as the main indicator of both academic and professional success; however, this simply isn’t the case anymore. In fact, time and time again, one characteristic comes out as the top quality to have. Keep reading to find

{Home (Bitter) Sweet Home}

It’s reading week! YEESSSSSSS!! You’ve been WAITING for this breath of fresh air for so long. Free from waking up every day to a strict schedule of classes, balancing a slew of meetings, assignments, and midterms. Home sweet home… at last! That is until, you are actually reminded what exactly reading week entails… Home. Home

{Strength in Unity}

As tragedy after tragedy keeps flooding my news feed, I find it harder and harder to maintain a positive outlook. Despite my recent pessimism, I think it’s crucial to recognize our collective humanity and tackle these challenges together. Shortly after the Quebec shooting, which really struck an emotional chord for me, I felt the urge

{#CtoC17 Over? Now What!?!}

After last week’s tips, you went to the job fair and approached employers with great eye contact, confidence, and a firm handshake. You probably picked up a bunch of pamphlets and business cards. So many names and so little time. Even though you printed out copies of your resume, perhaps you had some left over

{Career 101}

Are you an undergraduate student seeking literally any type of employment? Well, 2017 is the year of opportunity! So, whether you are a younger student curious about the job market or an older student seeking out legitimate work and networking opps – you have got to book tomorrow off for Hamilton’s LARGEST Career Networking Job

{Student Leadership Conference Recap!!}

So just this past weekend I attended the Student Leadership Conference for 2017 for the first time! I must tell you guys how incredible and unique the experience was. The Student Leadership Conference was unlike other leadership or political justice conferences I’ve attended before; it was SO interactive! Today, I want to write about all

{New Year – New Me}

Oye! 2016 has come and gone, and the New Year has just begun. As we all get settled back into our student homes, our school schedules and working hours, we are left to evaluate a year that has passed us by so quickly. For me, it has been a year of new challenges and a

{A simple act of altruism}

“Yesterday evening I was in Coffee Culture and ordered a latte. When it was brought to me, I realized that it had an ingredient I couldn’t consume but I didn’t want to return it as I felt it would just be poured down the drain. So, I went around and asked random people if they

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{So Show Me You}

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{Home (Bitter) Sweet Home}

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