{Student Leadership Conference Recap!!}

So just this past weekend I attended the Student Leadership Conference for 2017 for the first time! I must tell you guys how incredible and unique the experience was. The Student Leadership Conference was unlike other leadership or political justice conferences I’ve attended before; it was SO interactive! Today, I want to write about all

{New Year – New Me}

Oye! 2016 has come and gone, and the New Year has just begun. As we all get settled back into our student homes, our school schedules and working hours, we are left to evaluate a year that has passed us by so quickly. For me, it has been a year of new challenges and a

{A simple act of altruism}

“Yesterday evening I was in Coffee Culture and ordered a latte. When it was brought to me, I realized that it had an ingredient I couldn’t consume but I didn’t want to return it as I felt it would just be poured down the drain. So, I went around and asked random people if they

{10 Best Ways to Stay Sane During Exams}

Oh man, has it been a hectic week! Balancing work and school alone is chaotic without even mentioning family life, social life, and (most importantly!) regulating food and sleeping habits! Does anyone else feel like courses give an illusion of “smooth sailing” at the beginning of the semester and then, BAM, BAM, BAM! Everything is

{Are you Financially Savvy?}

It’s that time of year again, when as students, our wallets are emptying out. The holidays are quickly approaching, take-out bills are mounting as we head into exams, and the number of coffees we are buying is increasing exponentially. But please everyone, no need to add to our worries, the Student Success Centre is at

{Find Your Zen}

Let’s step away from the piles of work we should study, pause the chaos of life, and take a moment to pull out some inner peace instead. Take a deep Breath. Here it goes. 1. Eat your daily meals UPSIDE DOWN! You wake up in the morning for your morning class. You brush your teeth,

{Welcome to the New Age of Blogging}

Hey Marauders, I’m so happy to be your next student blogger because blogging today has become a more powerful tool than ever before. More people want to blog, and more and more people are reading blogs; on average, 33% of internet users read blogs each month! Unlike traditional platforms and media, blogs leave room for

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