“So, what’s your major?”

No matter whom I run into, talk to, or meet, my chosen major is always one of the topics of discussion. It’s not wrong to ask someone about their major, but sometimes it can be stressful if you don’t exactly know if it’s the right one for you. With course selection now in full motion,

Crunching Bad Habits

I’ve seen bad habits take control of my life in more than one way. As I’m sure many of you reading know, university hasn’t been anything short of stressful and anxiety inducing.   We’ve all heard the about the freshman fifteen and maybe even the freshman thirty. Food can be a comforting companion to many

A Lesson at Every Corner

I volunteer for the Hospital Elderly Life Program, an initiative started to help prevent the development of delirium among elderly patients. Delirium is a state that some individuals develop once they’ve been in the hospital for an extended amount of time and have no real source of cognitive stimuli. As volunteers, we visit different patients

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