{It’s all about you, for once}

It’s a tough time of year for everyone, or at least I’ll speak for myself… I’m stuck in a tornado of deadlines and commitments and honestly, exhausted. “Three more weeks left,” I keep telling myself as motivation. Why does everything seem so long and tedious around this time of year? What I’ve learned most about

{So Show Me You}

As it is wellness Wednesday and halfway through March (can you believe how much time has passed by already!?), I think it’s time for some introspection. To start us off, here is a poem I found by Margaret J. Wheatley entitled “Illusion.” “Too much of our action is really reaction. Such doing does not flow

{The Intelligence Myth}

Believe it or not, it’s not all about your IQ. We used to consider intelligence or natural talent as the main indicator of both academic and professional success; however, this simply isn’t the case anymore. In fact, time and time again, one characteristic comes out as the top quality to have. Keep reading to find

{Home (Bitter) Sweet Home}

It’s reading week! YEESSSSSSS!! You’ve been WAITING for this breath of fresh air for so long. Free from waking up every day to a strict schedule of classes, balancing a slew of meetings, assignments, and midterms. Home sweet home… at last! That is until, you are actually reminded what exactly reading week entails… Home. Home

{Strength in Unity}

As tragedy after tragedy keeps flooding my news feed, I find it harder and harder to maintain a positive outlook. Despite my recent pessimism, I think it’s crucial to recognize our collective humanity and tackle these challenges together. Shortly after the Quebec shooting, which really struck an emotional chord for me, I felt the urge

{#CtoC17 Over? Now What!?!}

After last week’s tips, you went to the job fair and approached employers with great eye contact, confidence, and a firm handshake. You probably picked up a bunch of pamphlets and business cards. So many names and so little time. Even though you printed out copies of your resume, perhaps you had some left over

{Career 101}

Are you an undergraduate student seeking literally any type of employment? Well, 2017 is the year of opportunity! So, whether you are a younger student curious about the job market or an older student seeking out legitimate work and networking opps – you have got to book tomorrow off for Hamilton’s LARGEST Career Networking Job

{Student Leadership Conference Recap!!}

So just this past weekend I attended the Student Leadership Conference for 2017 for the first time! I must tell you guys how incredible and unique the experience was. The Student Leadership Conference was unlike other leadership or political justice conferences I’ve attended before; it was SO interactive! Today, I want to write about all

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