The Build-Up: The Making of Water Cooler Gossip

Writing a blog is by far the coolest job I have had to date. I find it therapeutic to be able to write about subjects that students can relate to. In addition to being a fun and creative outlet geared towards students, the preparation leading up to the launch involved hard work behind-the-scenes.

Having worked with the Student Success Centre before, I am thrilled to once again be a part of the team. Now, being in a new office with new people, and a new role, I feel more motivated than ever. I am ready for all aspects of this job, but one aspect that surprised me was the amount of work that goes into actually creating a functioning and readable blog. My team and I started the creation of the blog in the beginning of October, leaving just over a month to come up with the theme and content of WCG. We started with a blank slate and created something visual, interactive, and fun.

Thankfully I work with a talented and strategic team who were able to bring all our concepts to life. The whole team brings together their skills and ideas to build this platform to help students.

Some co-workers of mine, Joey, Ariel, and Sarah

Some of my wonderful co-workers.

the girls behind the camera

The ladies behind the cameras; Sarah (left) and Ariel (right).

One thing I have learned from beginning this blog is that promotion is key. The team and I worked diligently to create promotional material, including the posters and the video that you might have seen across social media and on the Daily News. The promotional material was a huge part of our strategy to get people aware of the blog, and it was a lot of fun putting it all together.

As you may know, the promotional material took more than just a single afternoon to put together. While it may have taken the longest, the creative process was by far the most intricate. Creating photos was easy – we could show up, adjust lighting, and simply shoot away. It was the video which was more of a challenge. Coming up with a script, and deciding where to film on campus  proved to be more difficult than what we had originally imagined. My co-workers and I spent an entire afternoon shuffling around McMaster, setting up, and shooting video content. The finished product looks great, but believe me when I say that there are far more bloopers than the ones found at the end of the video.

Since this week is the official launch of the blog, the team and I have set up a number of posters around campus, and took to the radio in order to get more publicity. Ingie who hosts the MorningFile on 93.3 CFMU was kind enough to have us on the show. It was my first time being on the radio so naturally I was nervous, but with a pro host sitting right next to me, I felt more at ease. Feel free to check out my segment, and also stay tuned to 93.3, they play have a ton of really unique artists.

The process is just as important as the product, and the accomplishment shared by the team behind WCG has been a satisfying one. All of the effort we have put in, and continue to put in, has gotten us what we now have today; a new blog, and a new way to reach students with the ideas and messages we’d like to share.

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