Stop Snoozing Today!

Stop Snoozing Today!

Whether it’s 4, 6, or 8 AM, most of us default to the snooze button so that we can enjoy those extra minutes of sleep.

If you aren’t a morning person, waking up in the morning is nothing short of challenging and definitely not something you would look forward the night before. Although I’ve come to love waking up early, I used to be the worst for it.

Personally speaking, I have the most trouble waking up in the morning when I don’t have something to look forward to the next day. Whether you have an activity or event planned with a friend or have to catch up on work, planning for some sort of pleasurable event can really help kick-start your mornings.

When I think about my best motivator, it would have to be productivity. If I go to bed feeling like I’ve had a productive day, you can rest assured knowing that I will be up with the sun! The reason this works for me is because I’ll want to keep my productivity up. I remind myself of my goals every morning and try to use the day as best as I can in order to move closer to those goals. Once I have a productive day, no matter how late I go to sleep, waking up the next morning ready to do it all over again is a breeze

As someone who understands the need for those extra minutes, I thought I would share some things that have helped me become a better morning person. If you are having trouble waking up in the morning, my biggest suggestion is to plan your following day as you wait to fall asleep. Anytime I do this, I wake up immediately upon hearing my first alarm.

Last night before I went to bed I quickly ran through my to-do list and assembled a mental note of what my most productive day could look like. This is the exact thought process I ran through last night before bed:

  • Wake up (latest) 6 AM in order to be at the gym by 7 AM
  • Time workout and shower in order to be at my local coffee shop by 10 AM
  • Catch up on missed MCAT material from yesterday until NOON
  • Complete outline for blog post (this one) by 1:30 PM
  • Work on MCAT material for today until 4/5 PM
  • Draft blog post by 6 PM
  • Finish any uncompleted MCAT material and go home once it’s done

I’m not sure exactly why this works so well for me, but just the mere feeling of being productive and ready for the next day is enough to not only wake me up, but get me out of bed hassle free.

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