When Things Feel Cloudy

When Things Feel Cloudy

Have you ever noticed how a negative event tends to stick in our minds longer than a positive one does? I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately (and not just because my laptop broke and I lost many important files).

The power behind a negative event is something that really strikes my curiosity. I think it’s important to consider and think about because if we can better understand why this happens or at the very least, learn how to lessen the effects, then we can better learn to deal with the negativity experienced in our day-to-day lives.

I’m not a psychologist, so take this with a grain of salt, but I think part of the tendency toward negativity has to do with our own life experiences. Those who have experienced more hardship in their life may tend to view the world as more threatening; those with little social support or those who feel alienation may also have more of a negative perspective and view of life.

I recently wrote a post about the importance of diversity in which I discussed the advantages that diversification brings. The fact that we all live out different experiences makes this topic of negativity and being “stuck” in the negatives so much more important. For some, optimism is a much harder learned road than for others. Whether you struggle with optimism or not, we all have some where to begin.

I think shifting our perspective from a negative to a positive one is potentially the most important place to start. There must be a reason for so many years of speculation over whether or not the glass is half full or half empty. If we can learn to view things in a positive frame rather than a negative one, then we can truly harness the power of perspective in life changing ways.

Although my laptop breaking truly isn’t some life changing predicament, it did bring a lot of negativity into my life. I lost many important files, it disrupted my work flow, and I now foresee a hefty expense in the near future. A shift in perspective allowed me to realize that it’s better that my laptop broke down now rather than during midterm season, and that I’ll be able to finally upgrade from a laptop that I’ve been using since I began high school. Albeit not the best example, shifting my perspective did help alleviate some negativity associated with the situation.

As the very point of this post suggests, it’s very easy to fall victim of negativity, but we mustn’t let it control our day-to-day lives. If you take this beyond a shift in perspective, a lot of it has to do with gratitude. Stopping for a few moments each day to really highlight and put an emphasis on the things you are grateful for can truly help alleviate the negativity clouding up your day.

So, with all that said, any suggestions for a new laptop?

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