Ask Yourself These 5 Questions

Ask Yourself These 5 Questions

Last night, as I aimlessly watched through a video thread on YouTube, I came across one that caught my attention and motivated me to write this post. It was called, “How to find your life’s purpose in 5 minutes.” The TEDx speaker, Adam Leipzig, highlights what he believes are the top 5 questions to not only consider, but truly explore if you are questioning your own purpose.

I’ve listened to many different talks and read countless different blog posts revolving around this topic, but this video in particular stood out because of its unique perspective. Adam believes that there are 5 fundamental questions you need to be actively exploring and seeking answers for if you want to figure out your life’s purpose.


Who are you?
What do you love to do?
Who do you do it for?
What do these people need?
How do they change as a result?


You might have noticed that the first two questions are about you as an individual. Very simply put: who are you and what do you love to do? However, the last three (making it a majority), are about others. The message I took away was quite simple. The first two questions target your passion (something you love to do), while the last three questions are what really hone in on your purpose (how your passion helps someone else). Our life’s purpose can be found through others.
Through pursuing what you love and are good at (your passion), you can add value to someone else’s life (your purpose). This isn’t by any means the ONLY way to think about it, nor is it the most correct, but I think it’s a refreshing perspective.

Where I feel most people struggle and go wrong sometimes is in assuming there’s one concrete formula. In my opinion, work ethic, commitment, ambition, and a general willingness to try and learn new things are still important factors in living a purposeful life.

I would challenge us all to think beyond merely knowing what we’re good at and how it can help someone else, because there are many things to consider. In particular, each person has their own idea of what a purposeful life looks like and that’s completely normal. It all depends on individual perspective and belief. I like to think that asking these challenging questions are a good place to start to find those answers, and that we can use them to ask other questions as we grow.

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