Happiness is About the Little Things

Happiness is About the Little Things

Hello Marauders!

My friend Cecilia went on vacation last week and wrote a piece that I thought would be great to share with you guys. I hope you enjoy it!


“I’m on vacation and have been thinking about life and what it means to escape the realities of life.

They say you can’t put a price on enjoying life, but going on vacation has quite the bill. Between airplane tickets and hotel reservations, this good time has monetary value.

For many of us, if it’s not a vacation, it’s often something else.

From a time where cellphones didn’t exist to a time where even young kids have the newest iPhone available, I think about how we have grown up in the era of technological transition. When did we become so dependent on Google for all our answers? Where did the satisfaction and authenticity of a book go? (Don’t get me wrong. I’m guilty of skipping the books). When did raw creativity and spontaneity disappear?

I can’t help but think of a man I met whose entire attitude in life has shook me to my core. A humble, selfless man, with all the money in the world; yet, his happiness doesn’t come from having the latest iPhone, the biggest house, the nicest Ferrari, or the largest boat. His happiness came and continues to come from the people he takes care of. His family, his friends, the people he has taken in from the street. Not once will he take credit for the blessings he bestows on others. He doesn’t need the credit.

Knowing that he has provided a stable environment for the people he cares about is enough for him to feel genuine happiness. He does not rely on material values to find contentment and bliss. Sure, if his house burned down, he could buy a new one and replace everything lost to the fire. But the sentimental value of the house, the memories made within them, the handcrafted irreplaceable memorabilia made by his kids, those with no monetary value will be the greatest loss he faces. Even then, as long as he has his family by his side, no loss is too great to shake him.

It was refreshing to meet someone with genuine heart with a fresh perspective on materialism.”

– Written by Cecilia Lopez


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