Get Back to School and Back on Track

Get Back to School and Back on Track

Well Marauders, a new year is among us and it’s time to get with the flow!

Transitioning is never easy, but unfortunately, it’s a change we all have to endure. I’m usually a mess the night before. I refuse to sleep and just stay up thinking of ways to make a lot of money without having to attend school. However, something I’ve noticed is that my nerves of starting a new year typically go away after the first day or so (or at least in my case anyways). After I go to a lecture or two, grab a Willy Dog, and stand in the never-ending Starbucks line, I begin to feel at home again.

This is something I’ve put a lot of thought into. For me personally, it’s the lack of structure and routine in my summer days. I mean, I received some structure and routine from my summer jobs and going to the gym, but for the most I was on my own agenda. Coming back into familiar routine and seeing friends you haven’t seen for a while is warming and helps take the edge off of the inevitable midterm season and infinitely long readings.

Something I want to emphasize is that it’s not unnatural to feel overwhelmed, even if it’s your fourth or fifth time around. Fact of the matter is: most of us don’t like change. If you do, that’s great and it’s admirable. For many, though, it’s the sense of uncertainty that does it.

Uncertainty is traditionally not a very joyous state, but I want to challenge you to approach this year and the uncertainty associated with it in a different light. Many great things can happen this year that could change your life. Seek new opportunities and build new friendships – you never know where they’ll take you.

Find those familiar faces, sit in those familiar seats, and take a nice walk around campus. Ease in, get with the flow, and have yourselves a tremendous year.

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