“New Year New Me”

“New Year New Me”

With 2017 successfully in our rear-view mirror and a brand new year ahead of us, all the resolutions come out. I’ve really never been opposed to new year’s resolutions, but there’s something that bugs me about them and it’s why I usually don’t formally commit to resolve anything.

Sometimes we have this illusion that in the brief minute it takes for the clock to hit 12 AM, we can suddenly forget old habits. I always hear, “I’m going to start doing this…” and “…stop doing that.” In no way is that a bad thing- it’s important to acknowledge what you can do better or what you should change. The point I want to make is that it takes more than a minute change on the clock to set and accomplish a goal.

Resolutions are goals that you set for the New Year. They allow you to identify certain milestones you want to hit or habits you want to get rid of. The thing is, we set goals all the time. Every time a new semester starts we pledge to get 12’s and use that Pulse membership to its full effect. When we perform poorly on a midterm or test we swear we will start studying more and paying more attention in lecture. So, what is it about a new year that makes this any different? Well in my opinion, nothing. Sure, it’s nice to start a new year fresh and focused, but it’s my personal belief that you should attack each and every day with the attitude that you attack a new year.

My New Year resolution is very simple. For 2018, I pledge to wake up every day with confidence and stern pertinacity, no matter the situation. There WILL be some days that I wake up with a negative attitude, but if I commit to persevere past that, knowing that there has to be bad days before the good days, then I know I will be able to accomplish what I want to accomplish.

Retire the age old saying, “new year, new me,” with “new day, new me.”

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