My Experience with SAM

My Experience with SAM


As you may have already seen floating around social media, SAM is a McMaster-born fashion group that strives to showcase the diversity of fashion on campus (i.e. Style at Mac). I personally joined SAM because I was in need of a fun and interesting creative outlet, and SAM seemed to match what I was looking for exactly. Fashion to me can be a lot of things, but in particular, I see it as a form of self-expression in which one’s own personality and creativity surfaces.


Over the course of the year we’ve tackled several projects that have not only showcased fashion, but also demonstrated our individual talents that have contributed to their success. We’ve partnered with clubs like the McMaster Afghan, Vietnamese, and Pakistani Students’ Association, with a vision to showcase their cultural clothing pieces, as well learn more about what those individual groups do here on-campus. In addition to these collaborations, our team has worked very hard to create a series of look-books that outline fashion for the Fall, Winter, and Spring seasons. It’s all a very huge team effort and we truly wouldn’t succeed without all of our team.


We all have individual roles and responsibilities, but it’s a very functional and dynamic team. We all step up to perform different tasks and help each other out if need be, and in my opinion, that’s the most important thing.


So, what do I do? Specifically, I’m part of the Social Media team and a look-book photographer. I’ve learned a lot while being a part SAM this year- it’s truly been a rewarding and worthwhile experience. There’s a lot of emphasis on teamwork and working cooperatively; on top of that, time management and prioritization have been crucial to most of our projects. These are all skills that we know are important for individual success, and SAM has helped me refine these skills, all while developing my technical and creative abilities as a photographer.


Our greatest mountain to over-come has been organizing SAM’s Charity Fashion Show, which is happening today at the Hamilton Convention Centre. It’s been a rollercoaster ride, but we’re almost there. A lot of planning and time has gone into what we’re sure will be a great event. We’ve partnered with McMaster’s very own, Smiling Over Sickness, so we’re really ecstatic about the contribution we’ll be making to such an amazing organization.


All in all, SAM has offered me some of best, and in-valuable experiences. It has challenged me in many ways, but I’ve always come out better than before. To me that’s the most important thing. Whatever want to do, or wherever your interests may lay, you have to remember to stay focused and put in the effort necessary. You’ll grow as an individual and make it all worthwhile!



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