Time to Sign-Off!

Time to Sign-Off!

As I sit here needing to write a sign-off, I find myself in the same position as I was when writing my very first post. I’m not too sure what to say or how to even start. I initially applied for this position because I thought it would be a new and different way to stay creative and do something outside of my comfort zone.


As a clever interlude, here is my portrait taken by Jin Lee.



My position as blogger for the Student Success Centre was way more than I expected it to be. Not only did it help add a different flavor of creativity to my days, but it also challenged me to stay organized, punctual, and develop my own writing skills. As I reflect back on my experience as SSC blogger, I had a lot of fun thinking of new content ideas and developing them into something worth reading. All in all, if you found even one post helpful or interesting, then I can call that an accomplishment!


In order to deliver a fresh voice and new perspective, the SSC hires a new blogger every year. So, although I cannot keep writing forever, you are in for a treat nonetheless. Beginning in May, a brand-new blogger will be taking over.


As for me, I’ll be working a bunch over the summer, spending time with family and friends, and further pursuing my photography.


Marauders, it was a pleasure!

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