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Taking the MCAT… Again

This summer I will be rewriting the MCAT for my second time. For those of you who may not be too familiar with it, the MCAT is a seven and a half hour long Medical College Admissions Test. Made up of four testing blocks, the MCAT will test your knowledge and comprehension on a variety

Businesswoman changing reality of drought to spring season

Resetting the Habit Loop

The process in which new behaviours become automatic is known as habit formation. Yes, I’m fully aware how hard it is to break an old habit and also how much effort it takes to formulate a new one. I also know how frustrating this process can be. AND in fact, I also don’t blame you,

Mindfulness Moments. Mind you, it’s a bit of a long one, so grab a tea and settle in for this read

This week was a great week for self-discovery and knowledge seeking. My new year’s goal (and similarly, so were many of yours!!!) was to target healing my emotional and mental health, so this week I really tried to focus on different fields of mindfulness practices. The first was an incredible workshop I attended by McMaster

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