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A Lesson at Every Corner

I volunteer for the Hospital Elderly Life Program, an initiative started to help prevent the development of delirium among elderly patients. Delirium is a state that some individuals develop once they’ve been in the hospital for an extended amount of time and have no real source of cognitive stimuli. As volunteers, we visit different patients

Change the way you network

As the end of the academic year comes to a sudden close, most of us are applying for jobs this summer, graduating, or just looking for ways to step up our networking career game. I know. Networking. We hear a lot about this important career skill and it can be daunting to think about getting

Businesswoman changing reality of drought to spring season

Resetting the Habit Loop

The process in which new behaviours become automatic is known as habit formation. Yes, I’m fully aware how hard it is to break an old habit and also how much effort it takes to formulate a new one. I also know how frustrating this process can be. AND in fact, I also don’t blame you,

Strength in Unity

As tragedy after tragedy keeps flooding my news feed, I find it harder and harder to maintain a positive outlook. Despite my recent pessimism, I think it’s crucial to recognize our collective humanity and tackle these challenges together. Shortly after the Quebec shooting, which really struck an emotional chord for me, I felt the urge

Personal Sign Off

    Hello McMaster, This is my final post on Water Cooler Gossip. I guess you could say it’s now part of my own McMaster legacy and I’m finding it pretty hard to say goodbye. To put it simply, I’ve always been a person of extremes – when I am happy, I’m over the moon

Learn to Say Yes

If you’re back in school and need a good motivator, view this. I have listened to so many motivational speeches, but this one really got me. Shonda Rimes, the director and writer behind Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, and How to Get Away with Murder speaks about the challenges and happiness that has given her life meaning.

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