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Change the way you network

As the end of the academic year comes to a sudden close, most of us are applying for jobs this summer, graduating, or just looking for ways to step up our networking career game. I know. Networking. We hear a lot about this important career skill and it can be daunting to think about getting

Home (Bitter) Sweet Home

It’s reading week! YEESSSSSSS!! You’ve been WAITING for this breath of fresh air for so long. Free from waking up every day to a strict schedule of classes, balancing a slew of meetings, assignments, and midterms. Home sweet home… at last! That is until, you are actually reminded what exactly reading week entails… Home. Home

11 apps that students can’t live without

As the school year comes to a start, you should be thinking about building habits that will help you to succeed. Probably the first suggestion people will tell you is to put away the phone because it’s a distraction. I think that’s a bit close minded because your phone is a brilliant little piece of

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